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Government and Politics

Using RioCat

Brief directions:

  1. Access the Library's Website: Go to Our catalog, RioCat is available as the main search bar on the page - or you can use the search bar embedded below.

  2. Begin Your Search: In the search bar, enter your search terms. This could be the title, author, keywords, or ISBN of the book you're looking for. If you're not sure where to start, you can use general keywords related to your topic.

  3. Refine Your Search: After entering your search terms, you will get a list of results. Both physical and eBook options will likely be listed. To refine your search, click the "Modify Search" button towards the top middle of the results screen. Filters include "Location" or "Material Type", "Publication Date", etc. 

  4. View Results: Review the search results. They will usually be listed with brief information like the title, author, publication date, and location (for physical books). Click on a title to get more details.

  5. Check Availability: For physical books, note the location and availability status. If the book is available, it will typically show its shelf location and whether it's checked out or available for borrowing. For eBooks, there should be a link or button to access the eBook.

  6. Access eBooks: If you're interested in an eBook, click on the link or button provided to access it. You may be required to log in with your library credentials or use a specific platform for eBook access.


Search RioCat - Davis Library Catalog:


Davis Library's catalog RioCat,contains records for both tangible and electronic sources - books, e-books, journals, theses, audiovisual materials, government documents, maps, databases, and course reserves. It provides information on their availability and location within the library.