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Collaborative Areas in Davis Library: Collaboration Table

Find places to work as a group including Davis Library's wireless presentation device which connects multi-platform devices (Windows/Mac/IPad/Smartphone) for interactive collaboration.

Collaboration Table Main Floor Davis Library

Davis Library Collaboration Table.

On the Back Panel of the Collaboration Table

  1. Power = Top Button.
  2. Input = Bottom Button.
  3. Select = Third Button from Top (CH^).

Davis Library Collaboration Table.


NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a small box-shaped computer.

1. Turn on NUC.

2. Turn on Collaboration Table.

3. Use Print.Rio.Edu for copies.

Davis Library Collaboration Table.

Connecting Wirelessly to the Collaboration Table (CT) via MirrorOp Download

Generally: Personal devices (smart phones, laptops, etc.) may interact differently.

  1. Download the free MirrorOp application from wePresent on your device.
  1. Turn on CT.
  1. On CT, for Input: Select HDMI 2.
  1. If needed on your device: Select the “Library wePresent” Wi-Fi option.
  1. Open the wePresent/MirrorOp application on your device.
  1. If asked on your device: Select the Receiver Name “Library wePresent”.
  1. Enter four-digit login code on your device displayed from the CT screen.
  1. Select Play > on the opened wePresent/MirrorOp application.
  1. Select your preferred internet browser (Firefox, Explorer, etc.) or other application.

If Needed:

  • Password = RioGrande.
  • Login Name = Your First Name.
  • Login Code: Four Digit Code on CT screen.

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See the Library Staff for Help.