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Job and Career Resources

Information to help transition from the classroom to the workplace



Helping you make a successful transition from the classroom to the workplace is one of the goals of higher education.

This guide outlines a variety of resources available through the Davis Library and online that can help you plan your career and prepare for the job search. 

If you have any questions about these resources or our library's services, please don't hesitate to "Ask Us!"


Davis Library's Home Page

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When utilizing the Davis Library from off campus you'll need to know your Rio Grande Identification Number (Student ID# or Employee ID#) and also have Personal Identification Number (PIN) established. 

For students, the PIN is issued automatically with their Library Accounts when they enroll in classes.  Student PINs are set by default to the last four (4) digits of their Social Security Numbers (SSN).*

*International students or others who may not have a SSN, please "Ask Us!" for more details on how to set up a PIN.  In most cases, your PIN is automatically set to be the same password that you used the first-time you logged into Student Space.  

Rio Grande faculty and staff MUST complete a Facutly/Staff Registration Form (linked below) to set up a Library Account and PIN.  This form is usually given to all new employees when they're first hired and it's a one-time sign up process. 

If you have questions about Your Library Account, contact: or call 740-245-7005.

For more details...

For more details about managing your Library Account online via our site’s My Record feature, click on the Your Library Account tab at the top of this guide.