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Collaborative Areas in Davis Library: Collaboration Table

Find places to work as a group including Davis Library's wireless presentation device which connects multi-platform devices (Windows/Mac/IPad/Smartphone) for interactive collaboration.

Collaboration Table Main Floor Davis Library

On the Back Panel of the Collaboration Table

  1. Power = Top Button.
  2. Input = Bottom Button.
  3. Select = Third Button from Top (CH^).


NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a small box-shaped computer.

1. Turn on NUC.

2. Turn on Collaboration Table.

3. Use Print.Rio.Edu for copies.

Connecting Wirelessly to the Collaboration Table (CT) via MirrorOp Download

Generally: Personal devices (smart phones, laptops, etc.) may interact differently.

  1. Download the free MirrorOp application from wePresent on your device.
  1. Turn on CT.
  1. On CT, for Input: Select HDMI 2.
  1. If needed on your device: Select the “Library wePresent” Wi-Fi option.
  1. Open the wePresent/MirrorOp application on your device.
  1. If asked on your device: Select the Receiver Name “Library wePresent”.
  1. Enter four-digit login code on your device displayed from the CT screen.
  1. Select Play > on the opened wePresent/MirrorOp application.
  1. Select your preferred internet browser (Firefox, Explorer, etc.) or other application.

If Needed:

  • Password = RioGrande.
  • Login Name = Your First Name.
  • Login Code: Four Digit Code on CT screen.

WePresent Training Videos

WePresent FAQ's

WePresent Resource Guide

YouTube Video

See the Library Staff for Help.