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Datasets & Statistical Sources

The Datasets & Statistical Sources LibGuide is a resource for finding and evaluating data sources, including microdata, statistical databases, and tools for analyzing and visualizing data.
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Data is raw information that has been collected on some particular subject or phenomenon. Typically found in structured formats, data or datasets are analyzed, and statistics and research are produced.

Qualitative data: Non-numerical information gathered through words, images, or observations, providing subjective insights and understanding of complex phenomena.

Quantitative data: Numerical information that can be measured and analyzed using mathematical methods. It can be either discrete, consisting of distinct values or categories, or continuous, representing a range of values along a continuum.

Microdata: Detailed individual-level data collected from surveys or administrative records, used for in-depth analysis at the unit level.

Aggregate data: Summary statistics derived from combining individual-level data, providing a broader perspective on trends and characteristics of a group.

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